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Personalised Wooden Santa Christmas Eve Board

Personalised Wooden Santa Christmas Eve Board




Prepare for a special visit from Santa and the reindeer's with our personalised Christmas Eve tray which has space for a yummy Mince Pie, Milk and a Carrot for Rudolph.


This Christmas Eve board is perfect for your children to leave a drink and snack for Santa and Rudolph when they come on Christmas Eve.


The Christmas Eve tray will last for many years so you can make it a beautiful Christmas tradition you will treasure for years to come.


The wooden tray is beautifully and professionally laser engraved with 'To Santa, Merry Christmas Love' you can personalise with any name/s of your choice to make it truly special. 


Length: 26.8cm 
Width: 17.5cm 
Height: 1.8cm

Colour: Westminster Oak

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