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ProLine Golf Putting Aid

ProLine Golf Putting Aid


If you're a golfer, chances are you've been frustrated with your putting.

If you struggle to get the putter on plane and square at impact, then this is the product for you!


How does it work? Unlike most putting training aids our design is modular and comes complete with x2 add on elements that fit seamlessly into the main unit giving the user a more purposeful putting training session. This adjustable putting aid helps you swing the putter on plane and gives you instant feedback whether the face of the putter was square at impact.

The main body has printed guidelines to help you visualise taking the putter back on perfect plane, then there are two interchangeable parts that connect with the main unit…


Firstly, The Putting Stick: The tapered component features a unique 3mm groove that runs all the way across, If you make the correct contact with the ball then it will effortlessly roll all the way down the channel, however if you do not have a square face at impact the ball will fall off the edge giving you instant feedback that something needs correcting. Repeat the exercise until you can comfortably roll the ball the full length of the stick, then amaze your mates with your newfound skills!


Secondly, The Narrow Gate: This element aids concentration when releasing the ball, the end of the unit narrows slightly leaving a smaller gap for the ball to roll through, you can take this out on the practice green at your local club to improve the feeling of how hard/soft you need to strike the ball to allow it to roll through the narrow end. Like the putting stick, if you do not make correct contact with the ball, it will hit the side of the unit giving instant feedback to allow you to see what needs working on within your game!


All three parts can be used indoors on hard floor/carpet or outdoors on a putting green for practice to help build muscle memory and improve your game.

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